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Our Story

Two brothers from Bolivia, raised in Kristiansand, Norway, had a vision in 2017. They sought to educate Norway about a distinctive music genre, a beat that originated in the barrios, a culture that has since taken the world by storm — a musical treasure with profound roots known as "Reggaeton."


Inspired by Miami's Latin Culture: Daniel and Marcos's Reggaeton Quest in Norway

In September 2016, during a trip to Miami, brothers Daniel and Marcos were inspired by the vibrant Latin culture. Raised in Kristiansand, Norway, where Latin nightclubs were absent, they dreamed of dancing to Reggaeton and Latin rhythms.


Intrigued and excited, they pondered: how could this pulsating Latin vibe be brought to Norway? Despite having limited knowledge in business or marketing, they embarked on the journey to create "Norway's Biggest Reggaeton Party."

The inaugural ParisLatino event unfolded in a basement venue on March 4th, 2017. Fueled by their passion for Latin music and their depth of cultural understanding, they navigated through numerous challenges, elevating ParisLatino to new levels.


Their journey saw them expanding to Oslo in 2022, selling out Rockefeller with over 1300+ attendees, and in 2023, successful events were held in Stavanger and Trondheim. Invitations to perform at the LatinVillage Festival 2023 in Amsterdam and the I Love Reggaeton Party in London, UK, were also proudly accepted.


In 2024, their vision pushes further, reaching out to new cities – Bergen and Tromsø are the new horizons, and the journey continues to evolve. The history is still being written, and you are now part of this incredible adventure.

Our First
Paris Latino


In the rainy early days, we hosted 30 guests in a tiny nightclub basement, marking ParisLatino's humble beginnings.
Over the years, through highs and lows, our guests consistently danced the night away, relishing reggaeton and Latin music's infectious beats.
We soon discovered the joy music and dance bring, transcending language barriers. This realization fuels our mission: to spread happiness by promoting the essence of reggaeton and Latin music throughout Scandinavia.
This is why we do what we do. Thank you for engaging with our journey, and we eagerly anticipate your presence at the next ParisLatino event!

Best, Daniel and Marcos Flores

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